How Else Can Shelton Computer Repair Help Me?

We do what we can to provide a wide variety of services, features and options to suit you and what your home or business needs. Whether it’s the random service, failing device, managed services, buying in advance – most things remotely – or even building a high quality computer system for casual use, productivity, gaming or intense-applications.

There’s so much that can be done with the devices we own, or even carry around, nowadays. It’s hard to define every potential service we can offer because of that. If it’s an electronic device, that computes in some way, there’s a good chance we can work on it, but we may not have a way to directly bill for it, or maybe you’d prefer to pay hourly. These are our current hourly rates:

General Hourly Labor
One Hour Minimum, Half Hour Increments
Typically this is the hourly rate for standard computer work, but it's essentially charged when it doesn't fit any other rate.
Development Labor
One Hour Minimum, Half Hour Increments
If you need software written for an application or website, we can help! We don't take a lot of this work depending on the complexity and anticipated time, but reach out to us with your project anyway.
Consultation Labor
One Hour Minimum, Half Hour Increments
This is the hourly rate billed for any business consulting that occurs, not to say this is the hourly rate for business! This rate is billed when we build in-depth reviews, analyses or infrastructure designs.
Hourly Travel
When travelling longer than 30 minutes OR no other charges are billed.
One Hour Minimum, Half Hour Increments
In a world where transporters don't exist, traveling from point A to point B can get expensive, especially if point B is further away than typical.

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