Technical Services available for any needs!

We do what we can to provide a wide variety of services, features and options to suit you and what your home or business needs. Whether it’s the random service, failing device, managed services, buying in advance – most things remotely – or even building a high quality computer system for casual use, productivity, gaming or intense-applications.

Computer Services

The core of our technological age - the computer. Whether it's a laptop, a desktop, a cell phone, tablet - or anything else - chances are we can fix it! In most cases, we can even fix it same day, just depending on what's going on.

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Managed IT Services

Having the tech in your life running smoothly is paramount to staying connected nowadays. With our Managed IT Services, we provide schedules of recurring services and options for efficient repair at a fixed annual rate.

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Prepaid Services

You can order our services in advance which could save you money depending on promotions we may be running and also gives you additional priority for response and resolution.

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Remote Services

We may not necessarily need to come to you in order to resolve the issue you're experiencing. By allowing us remote access into your computer, we can resolve your issues from afar.

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Custom Built Computers

You can purchase a brand new computer from a big-box store, get a few years out of it, then buy a new one when it's outdated, which occurs frequently in this industry. Having a computer built custom, however, can allow for a longer lifespan and more customization.

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