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Well, this is embarrassing...
As unprofessional as this may be, we're actually still working on this page...

We hope this “under construction” content has not been here for a while, but our website modifications are based on how much “free time” we have. Not to say that we want more free time, we’d much rather be fixing your computers and providing the value we strive to provide, but it’s hard to do that and work on the website as well.

We’re dedicated to giving you valid and up-to-date information on our website because, that’s what it’s here for. A one stop location on the Internet, for our community, for everything regarding computer service and repair. That being said, please check back! We’re working hard to draft, review, proofread, error check, spell check and research all the information we’re posting!

Thanks for your patience and understanding…

Shelton Computer Repair
Phone: (360) 463-2330

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