The Who Is, What Is, and Why Is of Shelton Computer Repair

Since 2015, Shelton Computer Repair, has been providing technical services to Shelton and the surrounding areas. While the road from startup to success can be quite bumpy, we are committed to providing the highest quality of service to all of our clients, such as we would for our family or friends. After a not-so-brief hiatus, we are now back to offering our services full time! We’ve returned with a new understanding of what made the business work, and what didn’t work so well, and we’re looking to apply new offers to the business to help maximize savings for you.

What kind of offers?

We’re glad you asked! For starters, we’re currently offering 30% off of pretty much everything, other than parts or equipment, as evidence of our commitment to our community. In addition to that, we’ve come up with some other exciting promotions we’re going to be looking at providing over the course of the next year including giveaways, raffles, sales and other discounts. In addition, we’ve got an exciting array of discounts available, and still coming up with new ones, meant to save you money when we don’t have a qualifying promotion available. Check out our Deals page for more information!

So, what kind of services do you offer?

Our service lineup has changed since our relaunch. We’ve trimmed down and simplified what we offer, as we felt it was becoming a little bulky. We were essentially trying to offer services in the entirety of the IT field, which isn’t quite efficient for a small town computer repair business. We still offer some Managed Services for those who need it but we have narrowed everything else down to simply Services which includes Computer Services, and Prepaid Services and Remote Services. It pretty much covers the traditional gamut of computer services such as virus and malware cleanup, repairs, backups, restorations and everything else.

So, you’re essentially just another computer repair business?

We suppose that depends on how you look at it. In the traditional sense of what defines the basics of our business, then yes, we provide computer repair and service. We feel what makes us different is a small phrase of our Vision Statement that reads: “…, whether our customers or not, …”. We firmly believe that everyone should have access to affordable, reliable and secure solutions for their home or business and we hope to inspire those who do not believe the same in our industry to follow by our example. To boil it down, we don’t have a real preference on who provides your computer services. We’d love it if it were us, but as long as you’re receiving quality services, we’re excited by that fact alone!

I have more questions – how do I reach you?

We’re pretty easy to find! Most of our information can be found under Contact Us but you can always reach us by phone at (360) 463-2330.

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