Everything is online now; Our bills, our banks, our friends, our families and sometimes even our cars or appliances. When your technology fails, its important you get it back up as quickly and affordable as possible.

We understand that most of our customers can get a little concerned with continuously pouring money into their devices and technology, and we understand. That’s why we’ve launched our “My-Tech” Service! For a quarterly or yearly fee, we will provide the same rock solid services with even better features!

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Service List

Computer Repair

Tired of looking for a high quality, professional, affordable and friendly technical service provider? Look no further! Shelton Computer Repair is here to help you, not our bank, and we’ll do our best to fix your equipment and get you up and going fast!

Regardless of what’s going on with your computer systems, we can help! we’ve worked for over 20 years on desktops, laptops, servers, tablets and all sorts of other systems and devices.

Billing: General Hourly Labor (1 hour minimum; half hour increments)

$40.00 Per Hour.
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your computer clean, inside and out, can be a great way to ensure your system will last for a long time, while running smooth. Using my checklists, I can run through all of your potential issues and expand the lifespan of your systems.

If you want to know what services I’ll perform during the maintenance, check out the documents listed here:

Billing: Flat Rate (Per Device)

$35.00 – Desktops, Laptops, All In Ones, Netbooks and all other typical computer systems
$60.00 – Specialized Systems such as Servers, Networking Equipment or High Risk Systems
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Slow PC? Cleanups, Tune-ups and Virus Removal

Viruses, malware and adware are the most common issues to arise from normal computer usage. This malicious software can cause havoc on your machine, steal your personal information, send emails to your family and friends, pop up annoying advertisements and even lock you out of your own computer and files, all while staying hidden in the background.

We excel at virus and malicious software removal and we can get your computer running back in tip-top shape at little cost!

Billing: Flat Rate (Per Device)

$60.00 per cleaned device
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Windows Installation and Recovery

Sometimes your Windows software just breaks. When this happens, the only option really is to reinstall Windows and try to narrow down exactly how it broke, as to try to prevent it in the future. Performing that Windows installation can be a daunting task, as can be finding out why. Let us help!

Even if you don’t have your original recovery media, we can still get you back up and going! If your system is Windows 10 or has the OEM License Key on the side of the machine, that’s all we need to get you back up and going legitimately.

Billing: Flat Rate (Per Device)

$80.00 Per Installation. Does not include Installation Media, Recovery Media or Licensing.
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Data Recovery

The loss of data can easily be worse than your device going out. If you have important documents, pictures or other files that need to be recovered, let us try! We’ve been able to recover files where others have not.

Please note, we are not always successful with recovering data. A lot of factors are involved, most importantly being the state of the device being recovered. If we can’t get it though, we’ll connect you with someone who specializes in deeper recovery methods.

Billing: Flat Rate

$40.00 per 100GB of Data Recovered
Requires Data Recovery Service Agreement

Software Installations And Upgrades

Your device is not of much use if the software installed on it isn’t operating properly, or even outdated. Regardless of system type or platform, we’re pretty darn good at working with software, new and old, and seamlessly updating you to more modern software.

Billing: General Hourly Labor (1 hour minimum; half hour increments)

$40.00 Per Hour. Does not include Installation Media or Licensing.
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Linux Installation and Recovery

If you do a lot of web browsing and nothing else much outside of that, why not secure and improve your system a little bit by installing Linux?

Windows is the industry standard for most desktop users. It has the most support for software, video games and web browsers. That doesn’t mean you have to use it, however. Linux has been growing rapidly since it’s conception, and it’s nearly everywhere you look.

One of the greatest aspects of Linux is it’s very low susceptibility to viruses. It’s not immune, however, the way the system works it’s harder for a virus to infect your root system and fully compromise the machine.

Billing: Flat Rate (Per Device)

$60.00 Per Installation. Does not include Installation or Recovery Media.
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Hardware Replacements, Upgrades and Installations

If your hardware is old, malfunctioning, broken or you just want to upgrade, after the part ships, we can professionally and quickly replace it, usually without leaving traces that the device was ever taken apart. Whether you know the part you need or not, we can still get you a free estimate on parts and labor and perform the service within your schedule.

Billing: Flat Rate (Per System)

$40.00 for one simple hardware installation.
$60.00 for multiple or complex hardware installations.
Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

My-Tech Services

These services can be a great way to save money. Pay one flat rate, once a quarter or once a year, and receive discounted rates on parts and labor, additional services and contractual obligations from us to respond to and respond your issues in a reasonable time!

Pay Yearly
Basic Protection
$48/year (per device)
25% Discount on Service Labor
24 Hour Response Time
Backup Management
Covers All Attached Peripherals
Enhanced Protection
$84/year (per device)
50% Discount on Service Labor
5% Discount on Part Orders
12 Hour Response Time
Backup Management
Remote Access Support
Physical Cleanup Every Year
Covers Peripherals and Cell Phones
Complete Protection
$120/year (per device)
100% Discount on Service Labor
10% Discount on Part Orders
12 Hour Response Time
Backup Management
Remote Access Support
Physical Cleanup 6 Months
Covers Peripherals, Cell Phones and Tablets

Protection Modifications: Physical Cleanup Schedule

FrequencyYearly CostQuarterly Cost
Every 12 Months$24 per device$6 per device
Every 6 Months$48 per device$12 per device
Every 4 Months$72 per device$18 per device
Every 3 Months$96 per device$24 per device
Every Other Month$144 per device$36 per device
Every Month$288 per device$72 per device

Protection Modifications: Increase Labor Discount

Discount AmountYearly CostQuarterly Cost
25% Discount on Service Labor$36 per device$9 per device
50% Discount on Service Labor$72 per device$18 per device
100% Discount on Service Labor$144 per device$36 per device

Protection Modifications: Increase Part Order Discount

Discount Amount (Max 15%)Yearly DiscountQuarterly Discount
5% Discount on Part Orders$36 per device$9 per device
10% Discount on Part Orders$72 per device$18 per device
15% Discount on Part Orders$144 per device$36 per device