No matter what it is, there’s a good chance your business does something online – even if it’s just a Facebook page. Your customers, however, do a whole lot more online and are looking for you everywhere!

We provide a variety of services designed to get you online, keep you online and, most of all, make it so your customers can find you and reach you no matter where they are.

Service List

Website Design and Development

Your website is just as important as your office or storefront, but can easily be neglected because, as owners or employees, we usually don’t have much time or need to visit our own website.

Your customers are visiting it though and, just like you don’t want to present a messy office or storefront, you don’t want to present a messy website either. Give us a call; with a free consultation we can help find what you’re looking for online and make sure your customers find you, and are confident in you.

Billing: General Development Labor

$50.00 Per Hour. Most typical informational websites are built within 8-12 hours. If I provide your hosting for you, I also provide free updates to your website.

Includes 30 Day Service Warranty

Domain Registration, Management and Support

Without a domain name, your website can be difficult or impossible to find for your customers. We can help to find a memorable, short and target domain name for your business, or transfer your existing one to our management.

As a part of our management services, we deploy services to alert us immediately if anything negative occurs with your domain such as black listing, reputation decrease or anything else. If something does happen, we work with you and various web vendors to recover and return your domain to it’s best standing.

Billing: Annual Recurring

$25.00 per year.
Requires Internet Hosting – Management and Monitoring Agreement
Requires Internet Hosting – Domain Registration and Monitoring

Website Hosting, Management and Support

Your website hosting is one of the most important aspects of running a business. Some businesses will charge an exorbitant amount for very basic services, but that’s not what happens here.

for $55 per year, we host your website – simple as that. With that, we handle all the maintenance, backups and technical support sessions in the event of downtime.

For an additional $45 per year, we offer even more! Web reputation monitoring, organic search engine submission and monitoring, rank building services and website maintenance.

Billing: Annual Recurring – Per Year

$55.00 per year for hosting (per website)
$45 per year for management and monitoring (per hosting agreement)
Requires Internet Hosting – Management and Monitoring Agreement
Requires Internet Hosting – Website Hosting Agreement

Email Hosting, Management and Support

If your email goes down, who do you call? How hard will they work on returning your email to a working condition?

We have our primary mail servers that relay your mail for you but, if they go down, we have a secondary server on standby to pickup the slack and keep your email rolling through.

Billing: $25.00 per year per email address or included free with Domain Registration or Website Hosting.

Requires Internet Hosting – Management and Monitoring Agreement
Requires Internet Hosting – EmailHosting Agreement

Office 365/Exchange Hosting, Management and Support

Office 365 Online is a great system for general office usage, collaboration, email, calendars and scheduling, shared contacts – and much more.

Get your business running on efficiency without breaking your bank. We can point you where to go directly, and help you get set up, or we can set it all up for and maintain it for you. For the pricing we offer, we get you configured and work with Microsoft in the event of technical issues.

Billing: Annual Recurring

$100.00 per year per seat for Email and Office Online (Not Installed)
$150.00 per year per seat for Office 365 on up to 5 PCs or Macs (without email)
$250.00 per year per seat for Office 365 on 5 PCs or Macs AND 50 GB Email Storage
Requires Internet Hosting – Management and Monitoring Agreement
Requires Internet Hosting – Office 365 Management and Monitoring Agreement

Websites We’ve Developed