We’re dedicated to finding a way to help improve our community in any area we can! Right now, we’re still working on some fantastic ways to contribute, but for now, we’ve got our Mason County Tech Tips Facebook Group. This Group is free to join and the purpose of it is for community members to have yet another avenue of support, from us or anyone else.

We are, of course, 110% happy to answer every question you may have for us but, sometimes, the answers we have may not exactly fit. This isn’t necessarily because we’re wrong, it’s simply opinion-based. We know what we like and what we recommend, but our recommendations may not working for everybody. So this group allows a community of sorts for fielding questions and getting answers from us, and other members.

Mason County Tech Talk
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This group is for anyone looking to get some free tech tips, from Shelton Computer Repair or anyone else. We're always happy to answer your questions …