Helping the Community

Whether you run a business in Shelton or Seattle, your community is what helps you to exist and grow. We’re always looking for fantastic ways to help in advancing or supporting our community, and we hope what we’re coming up with is helpful!

While we’re working hard to do so, we don’t have a lot of community-based programs running at this time. This will come more and more as the business grows to be a little bigger. However, if you have an idea for something we can try to do, please Contact Us; Let us know how we can help!

Current Programs

Mason County Tech Talk

We’re dedicated to finding a way to help improve our community in any area we can! Right now, we’re still working on some fantastic ways to contribute, but for now, we’ve got our Mason County Tech Tips Facebook Group. This Group is free to join and the purpose of it is for community members to have yet another avenue of support, from us or anyone else.

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