Time to Relaunch!

Time to Relaunch!

It’s been slightly over a year since I ceased mainstream business operations. In that time, I’ve realized how much I enjoy being a part of this community. Not to say that I didn’t realize my enjoyment beforehand, but now I know… This is where I need to be.

Having said that, I’m relaunching my business. I’m still working out the details but within the next week I’ll have it all ironed out. In celebration of this relaunch, I’m offering all labor at 30% off my hourly rate! This includes all labor-based services and service packages. Currently, this deal will run until Halloween – the day before anyway being October 30th, I’ve got kids to go trick-or-treating with. That’s nearly two full months of discount savings!

So, give me a call (360-463-2330), an email (tim@sheltoncomputerrepair.com) or shoot me a message Facebook! If you have any suggestions for the business during this process, I’m all ears! I want to do my best to provide a valuable service to my community and, wherever I can, contribute as well.

Thanks for reading and please, share this on your Facebook! If you want innovative new ways to save repair costs (with walkthroughs, tutorials and a help system) or expand your business, the more I’m able to build the better I’m able to help and contribute!

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