Shelton Computer Repair: Closing 6/16/2017

To my customers, clients, friends and family.

The last few years of running this business was great. It kept me in my home, made me all sorts of new friends, gave me some interesting conversations and I simply had a blast during this time. Unfortunately, this business has about lived out its life and now I’m faced with no other alternative but closing this business.

This was not an easy decision; I’m currently being confronted with a massive amount of issues in my personal life, coming from all sorts of directions, and some of you know of some of these issues – none of which I really want to get into right now – but I’m at this point where I need to either continue running this uncertain path I’m currently on or just fade back into being employed and doing what’s certain. As things currently sit, I’m simply unable to provide the level of service my clients and customers deserve and I have my two-year-old to provide for, so I must do right by him.

As of June 15th, 2017, I will no longer be publicly providing services. By this point, any clients or customers that I currently have information or equipment from, I plan on returning. If anyone is requesting any valid refund of sorts, I will provide within reason, however, I’m not sure on the timing of said refunds as I need to stabilize my current income situation. I do plan to have full time employment by this point but, if I don’t succeed in that attempt, I will still be providing residential service as needed – but no business name or taxes will be associated with this as it’s a temporary solution.

As for any live contracts that I am currently bound to, I do wholly intend to honor those contracts until the end of the year term. After June 15th, I will continue to honor the terms as myself with no business attachment. Any hosting I’m currently providing for anybody such as websites, emails, or Office, I will continue to host until the term ends and will assist in the migration of the system to a self-hosted or platform, or assist in the migration at any time to a different service provider.

I want to deeply thank everybody that has, in any way, interacted with Shelton Computer Repair (or Tim’s Computer Repair before the name change). Whether you were a client, provided advice, some type of vendor – or anybody – I sincerely thank you. You all helped me live my dream of entrepreneurship, however brief of living it was, and I simply couldn’t have done it without you. I know lately my responsiveness and reliability has dwindled to nearly non-existent and I thank those of you who were understanding, kind or even just willing to put up with it.

I also apologize for the abruptness of this announcement and, if anyone has any questions, concerns, comments or need service completed before that date, feel free to reach out by email or phone.

In addition, there are a few who have pending estimates that have yet to be approved or paid. If I have not already provided the work, I understand if you want to take this work elsewhere but any continued business now until the end of this period would be welcomed and highly appreciated. If I have already provided work, after June 10th, I’m requesting that current due invoices be paid to Timothy McClatchey.

Thank you all again and I hope that, one day, when my current situation has improved, I can return to this business with a renewed vigor and drive to provide the absolute best customer service possible.


Tim McClatchey
P: (360) 463-2330