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No matter the issue you’re having, the solutions we provide for your devices at home will get you back up and running and keep you running. Not having a problem? We can still help with software updates, hardware upgrades and preventative maintenance – keep your system tuned up and running smoothly.
It’s hard to run a business without technology nowadays, but what if that technology goes out? We strive to keep your systems running efficiently and can work with you and your business to provide solutions to keep your downtime low and productivity high! Give us a call to see how we can help your business.
For you or your business, building and maintaining your online presence can be trying at times. With our online management and support solutions, we work as an intermediary between you and registrars and hosts, saving you time, money and hassles – one number to call for support, no confusing tech lingo.
Shelton Computer Repair is always on the lookout for ways to give back to the community that helps us to grow as a business, as part of the community and as individuals. Do you have a non-profit, charity or other worthwhile event you’d like us to take part in? Give us a call, we’d absolutely love to hear from you!

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About Us


Experience. Pride. Value

Since 2015, Shelton Computer Repair has been providing high quality and low cost services to Shelton, WA and surrounding areas. While the road from startup to success is not very well paved, we are continuously committed to providing the highest quality of service to all of our clients, such as we would for our family or friends.

Only 2015?
Not really. That’s only how long we’ve been licensed. In one form or another, we’ve probably already helped you in the past – and most likely have left you 100% satisfied with our work, or at least 99.9% satisfied.

So what kind of services do we offer?
Great question! Contrary to the name of our business, we’re a little more complex than just general computer repair – although we definitely do that too! In addition, we provide preventative services for both home and business including physical cleanups and inspections, tune-ups, software updates and hardware upgrades. If you run a business, there’s even more solutions to take advantage of! We can manage and monitor all of your hardware, systems, networks and locations. Doesn’t matter the level of technology you have, or the level you want, we can take you to where you want your business to be – and not just your physical tech! We can manage and monitor your online presence, keep you up in the search rankings, keep your website updated, and, possibly most important, keep your email running smoothly – and even provide you with some incredible features.

This sounds familiar… How are you any different than your competitors?
Honestly… we don’t know. This isn’t because we haven’t done any research, because we have. However, during much of our trial and error, we kind of realized that we don’t want to say if and how we’re better; we’d rather you say it. What we want is to provide excellent service, provide affordable results and make you, our client, as happy as we can. We don’t need a gimmick for that – we just need to repair your technology!

Wow, you guys sound great! How can I reach you?
It’s easy enough – give us a call: (360) 463-2330 – text messages also work. If you prefer, you can also email us at We also have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest – we’re pretty easy to find!

Bonus Question: What happened to Tim and his Computer Repair?
No worries, I’m still here. There have been a few changes in my life and in the business lately, and I felt it necessary to do a little rebranding. As for the name change, it’s the first stage in some changes I’m planning on making to help improve the business, my clients and the community. Keep an eye out for more news on other changes!

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